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Solutions for hosting applications, Mail & Web, VoIP and Remote Desktop. including domain name and SSL Certificate registration services.

Logo de la société Mosanweb

Introduction is a company that offers varied IT services to professionals and individuals. We mainly work in the field of accommodation and put forward our know-how to better help the client in his project. We also focus on the speed and performance of hosted solutions as well as active support.

Our products and services offered

  • Web and Mail Hosting,
  • Sales, renewal and domain name transfers,
  • Sales, renewal and configuration of SSL certificates,
  • Sales, installation, administration & Monitoring (monitoring) of VPS Cloud servers,
  • Sales, installation, administration & Monitoring (monitoring) of committed servers,,
  • VoIP (telephony) and Remote Desktop (virtual offices),
  • Support: Advice & webmastering of Web and Mail services.

Why the name of Mosanweb?

Located on the plateau of Herve in the Province of Liège, we wish to represent through our name our location within the basin of the Meuse..

Count on the quality of our Services

It is rare to find at competitive prices of web hosts including webmastering, high performance, security and speed of page loading. We continually invest in optimizing our infrastructure to make it more efficient, secure and nurtured by our care and everything under your control.

Why us?

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