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Merging the most ergonomic management panels on the most reliable operating systems, literally take off your Web applications.

  • Your own Web server on the Cloud of Mosanweb
  • We offer you the cPanel licence for your VPS server !
  • For highly frequented sites that have to handle substantial workloads
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A complete offer under advice

Get a custom VPS server

A free, no-obligation quote and ultra-preferential pricing! Whether you're looking for a VPS server with SSD, SSD NVMe or conventional hard disk, a high-availability Cloud VPS with redundant hard disks in RAID-10 or SSD, we'll calculate memory, disk space, computing power and throughput for you to define the best VPS server to suit your project.

Why the VPS Cloud?

Privatize your sites on a powerful virtual server

Easily migrate from shared hosting to VPS when the workload on your site becomes consistent and therefore hosting needs to be tailored to your needs by passing on our VPS offer (Virtual Private Server) by privatizing resources that give power to your site. Regarding the SSD, it is the guarantee of a high speed for loading the files of your site (s).

Additional technical information

Manage your hosting from A to Z with the WHM Control Panel (web Host Manager), which allows you to become the master of your web hosting.

Also access the CPanel Control Panel, specific to each site, to manage the latter, just as we do for our shared accommodations.

Benefit from a support from us, but also from the CPanel team (we can even become an intermediary to accelerate your particular requests).

Your VPS Cloud is in good hands at Mosanweb: Get free permanent monitoring of your server to detect any problems.

In addition, our support is there to help you at any time if you need help. Also benefit from advices from us if you have a particular project

Not yet decided, nor very sure of your decision?

Take the time to contact us and we will help you find the appropriate solution for your needs. Even outside of our pre-established packs, we can at any time modify any value and adapt it according to your needs and even advise you if necessary for your Web project.

We are here to help you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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