Security is our priority at Mosanweb, and in these troubled times it's essential to think about protecting your services that are put online on the world's largest network that is the Internet from the many attacks.

We provide you with firewall solutions, daily backups, intelligent and automatic blocking of malicious or undesirable sources, state-of-the-art antispam for your e-mails and easily configurable from your cPanel space.... In short, a multitude of tools and industrial solutions developed by professionals on reliable equipment in protected datacenters. But in some cases, if you're not careful enough, all it takes is for your password to be stolen by hackers, and then all these protections are no longer of the slightest use!

The causes can be variable, we are dependent on the equipment on which you are going to configure your software to develop your sites or even your messaging software. That's why, to reduce the risks as much as possible, we suggest you check these points first:

  • Modify the initial password we emailed you to access your cPanel account when you created it, this is indeed the least we can do: the email with your initial settings you receive will also be received on all other devices connected to the mailbox you configured on when you registered. So there's a good chance that this password is at least stored somewhere in the memory of several devices at once. Once you've changed it, it will be known only to you and will never again be marked in cleartext elsewhere in the memory of any device connected to your mailbox.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on and your cPanel account: you'll leave hackers no chance, because even if your code is stolen they won't be able to access your smartphone, which will randomly generate a code at regular frames. Check out our tutorial on our blog here to set it up, it only takes a few minutes...
  • But also by enabling successful login email notifications from your cPanel account as follows: from your cPanel account select at the very top right the icon to the right of the bell which unrolls a contextual menu in which you'll click on "Contact details", further down the page you'll need to tick under "Contact preference" the fields "Someone is logging into my account. " and "Send login notifications, even when the user logs in from a range of IP addresses or a netblock that contains an IP address from which a user has previously logged in successfully."

 Thursday, June 15, 2023

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